Tulips were in full force during my April visit to the Keukenhof Gardens near Lisse. Despite the crowds, it was totally worthwhile. That and munching on a delicious hot ham sandwich with mustard.

Steamed Rock Sugar Pear

It’s been a very cold California winter, so I ended up turning to this old home remedy for a cough, Steamed Rock Sugar Pear, 冰糖炖梨. This also happens to taste delicious! Great for a cold winter night. The steamed pear can be fully consumed and the juices are delicious as a warm, soothing drink for a sore throat.

Basic Bao

This is the foundation recipe for steamed buns or bao. A freshly made steamed bun has a lovely yeast-y flavor and great texture that you just can’t get with the frozen variety. Plain buns can easily replace rice or noodles for many meals.

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Figgy Rum Cake

I make some version of a rum cake each year around Christmas time and this particular year I chose to fill it with figs, currants, raisins and orange zest. The olive oil cake base keeps things light and moist. The end result is an aromatic and festive cake. Enjoy!