I was born in Shanghai, spent my childhood in Canada, and currently tend a garden full of paper botanicals in California.

Life is tough as a flower! Pushing thru cold winter and dark soil, being expected to put on a show of stunning color, delicate petals, and memorable fragrance year after year. It is because of this resilient, quiet beauty that I love flowers so much and they endlessly fascinate me as a subject. My goal is to capture some of this beauty in paper and to encourage my viewer to stop and smell the roses.

I am currently a member of the Paper Artist Collective. My artwork has been featured by Creative Boom, Castle in the Air, Artistic Moods, SF MOMA Submission Friday, Harrington Gallery Fresh Works, The Little Chimp Society (Mail Me Art 4), The Wall Breakers, Whitehouse Post, Tumblr #Food and others. Most recently, I was featured as part of the Craft Industry Alliance's 11 Paper Artists Inspiring Us on Instagram

Feel free to drop me a note or follow my instagram @shanghai.1984