Matcha Cappuccino


This simple matcha cappuccino is a favorite drink of mine. Matcha provides clean, vegetal notes with a good kick of caffeine, while the milk balances with sweet creaminess.

  • 2-3 g matcha powder 
  • 300 ml 2% milk or soymilk

Whisk matcha with a little bit of hot water (175F) to make a thick base. This replaces espresso shots in a normal cappuccino. 


Steam milk using steam wand to produce microfoam and until you reach 140F (milk will rise to 150-160F after you stop steaming).

Immediately pour steamed milk into matcha mixture until you reach halfway of serving glass, swirl to get an even base. Then finish pouring design.

Note: This recipe is designed for a 220ml small cup. For a larger cappuccino or latte, increase the milk and matcha.