Tricolore Matcha Jasmine Latte

For tea lovers, this combines the floral quality of jasmine tea with the clean vegetal aspects of matcha.

  • 5g jasmine tea (loose leaf)
  • 2g Matcha Powder (ceremonial grade)
  • 2% milk

Steep jasmine tea approximately 3-4 minutes. Use less than half a Gibralter glass’s worth of water so you get concentrated jasmine flavor.

Strain and pour into Gibraltar glass so it reaches a little under half-way point

Towards end of steep time, start steaming milk using steam wand method to produce smooth microfoam. Spoon milk foam over jasmine tea.

Steam matcha powder in a separate pitcher with fresh milk. Spoon matcha foam carefully over drink to reach rim of Gibralter glass.


Enjoy! Let me know what you think in the comments.